Bon Sejour Home

While most honeymooners return with a few trinkets and a sunburn, my husband, Darren, and I returned from our honeymoon with inspiration for our new downtown shop—Bon Séjour Home (pronounced bone seh-jour). Over a decade ago, we honeymooned in New Orleans where we were drawn to the area’s antebellum plantations. One of the nation’s most photographed homes, Oak Alley, particularly caught our attention. Although July 2010 brought the hustled début of Bon Séjour Home to downtown Chelan, the months leading up to this were full of pleasurable creative sessions, concepting, shopping and tons of fun design as a family.


This spring I was asked to design a modernized logo for Bunny Laine Fruit / KD Laine Orchard. This family-owned orchard in Malott, WA needed an updated look for their old-fashioned Bunny graphic.



Early this spring, Reneé Rubin, owner of Mizuumi Sushi, purchased the old JR's Bar & Grill Restaurant in downtown Chelan. Since we had worked together on the Mizuumi design and menu, she came to me with an idea to merge the finest menu items from Mizuumi with the favorites of JR's, creating an entirely new restaurant.  The result was "The Local — Grub, Pub & Sushi," mixing the best of both worlds: American and Japanese.


GIlson Catalog

I've done quite a few catalogs over the last 10 years, ranging from 24 pages on up to 200+ pages. Catalog design and their production have been some of the most favored projects I have worked on. I love getting into the details of the actual design, creating a template to be consistent and uniform throughout, then the actual production work to bring everything together in a fantastic and cohesive design. I pride myself on all the details, making sure every facet is taken care of.