Modern Twist for a Retro Bunny


This spring I was asked to design a modernized logo for Bunny Laine Fruit / KD Laine Orchard. This family-owned orchard in Malott, WA needed an updated look for their old-fashioned Bunny graphic.


Keep some of the old and merge with the new

When this project first started, the client wanted to keep the essence of their original logo, but asked me to completely re-illustrate the bunny so he would have an updated feel and a more realistic shape (less cartoon-ish). The below samples show my original illustration of the bunny, on a retro-style label.  On the new bunny, I added a basket of apples and pears to show that Bunny Laine was a full orchard, and produced more than just you-pick berries (as shown on the original bunny).

In the end, the bunny, which was originally painted in the 40's by a family member, was too sentimental for the family to lose. The family decided to keep the original bunny and asked that I place him on the same fruit-style label as I had proposed. They also chose to keep the original You-Pick berry bucket, but liked the idea of apples and pears in my new illustration so much, they wanted that worked into the new logo as well. The above logo (on the new business card and letterhead) is the final result. While I still love my own bunny illustration most, I understand the need to keep their family history alive.

A new website is in the works, and will go live when the clients can find time between fruit harvesting and jam making. Stay tuned.