Pleasant Sojourn


Bon Sejour Home

While most honeymooners return with a few trinkets and a sunburn, my husband, Darren, and I returned from our honeymoon with inspiration for our new downtown shop—Bon Séjour Home (pronounced bone seh-jour). Over a decade ago, we honeymooned in New Orleans where we were drawn to the area’s antebellum plantations. One of the nation’s most photographed homes, Oak Alley, particularly caught our attention. Although July 2010 brought the hustled début of Bon Séjour Home to downtown Chelan, the months leading up to this were full of pleasurable creative sessions, concepting, shopping and tons of fun design as a family.

Oak Alley is a spectacular home set among giant oak trees. Its original name was Bon Séjour,” which translates into ‘pleasant sojourn’ or ‘pleasant stay.' This is what we are aiming to provide our clients. “We hope that you’ll have a pleasant stay while visiting our shop, and we also hope you’ll find products and ideas to help make your home your own pleasant stay.”


Creating a Pleasant Sojourn

For the overall design of the shop, we wanted it to capture the warmth and comfort of Southern living as well as the sleek sophistication of a Parisian loft. My husband's background is Interior Design, so by combining forces with my Graphic Design, the creative juices flowed with a natural movement.

After deciding on the name, our next step was choosing our color scheme.  The contrasting colors of bright aqua and rich chocolate brown, brought even more inspiration and the concept kept building.  For the logo, we wanted something intricate yet modern, so I chose a wonderful modern script to continue the full polished viewing experience. Because the logo itself was so complex, it allowed us to be more minimalistic in the other design details.

The opportunity to design a shop from the inside out — and all the collateral in between — was one of the most satisfactory experiences I've had as a designer. I always feel gratification for a project when I see the final printed piece, or the end design on a live website, but it brings that pleasure to a whole new level being able to walk into a complete design using all of my senses... Learn more at the Bon Séjour Home website.


Bon Sejour Home - Before and After


Bon Séjour Home ID Package: Logo, Letterhead, Business Card and Envelope