I am an independent, full-service, strategic graphic designer who has attended to clients in a wide array of industries. Designing for online and print, I combine business understanding with creative solutions to visualize and implement strategic communications that yield measurable results.


Brandee Borror provides design services across the full spectrum of graphics: branding and visual identity; print communication; interactive and web; advertising and editorial.


Make it Simple

I can help you streamline your creative marketing and customer communications for substantial impact — at a significantly reduced cost of large agencies.


Why work with Brandee Borror?

Collaborate. I am your partner in design. Whether your organization is large or small,
I have the tools and experience to make your projects a success. Focusing on creating
and providing solutions that meet your specific needs, you are part of the process.
Your ideas. Your input. Your vision.

Simplify. Intricate communications often come from complex underlying methods. I evaluate and streamline your existing creative practices for a noteworthy impact on your bottom line.

Cut costs. I analyze and assess your current communication pieces to help identify what is working and what could work better. Also, I can introduce resources, such as print-on-demand and e-delivery to help you achieve a high annual cost savings.

Strategize. I examine at your existing communications – from sales campaigns and advertising, to post-sale and retention materials – everything that a customer or prospect comes into contact with.

Optimize. From web and email communications, traditional print to individualized
print-on-demand, I will share resources to help you dispatch superior marketing
pieces at the lowest possible cost.

Mixed Medium. I can review your goals and analyze your customers’ objectives, to recommend the correct blend of strategies and media. Together, we can develop a custom combination of print and online media to meet your audiences' needs.