Brandee BorrorI have been designing and using a Mac for over 16 years, and have gained an excellent knowledge in all areas of design, computers and the internet. I am very passionate about the industry I am involved with and am proud of the work I have accomplished and the business relationships I have made throughout my career as a graphic designer.

I see my major strengths as being a team player, organized and adaptable. I work extremely hard at making the client happy with their finished product, can handle substantial projects with great ease, and am able to jump easily from project to project.

I am known for finding creative solutions for various problems. Rather than relying upon a "signature style," I create original, innovative designs for each client. With my wide-range of capabilities and substantial experience, I can create organized solutions, addressing all of a client's design necessities at once.


  • Thorough and meticulous.

  • Fast and accurate when working under pressure.

  • Capable of doing a massive range of styles
    rather than just my own.

  • Ability to stick to the creative brief,
    budget and other guidelines.

  • Excellent knowledge of design, production and typography.